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Not everyone likes the dentist, but we can still help.

Sedation Dentistry in Bridgeland, Calgary

Dental phobia is very common. Many people avoid even routine dental cleanings and exams because of their fears. Sedation is a great option and Dr. Brescia can discuss this with you. She will take the time to talk with you, to learn about your fears and anxieties so that the best options can be chosen. Dr. Brescia offers oral sedation, which involves taking a few pills of the sedative medication one hour prior to your appointment in our office. While the sedative takes effect, you can relax and enjoy a magazine or television. During your whole appointment you will be monitored and cared for by our team. You will remain coherent, but you will be relaxed, your muscles will not get tired and tense, the time will pass quickly, and you will not remember much of the appointment later.

Sedation may be an option for people who:

  • Have extreme anxiety or a phobia of dental work
  • Patients who are gaggers
  • Patients requiring lengthy appointments as it aids in muscle relaxation, reducing fatigue
  • Patients who simply want to be more comfortable, and take the edge of their experience

Dr. Brescia is very patient, gentle and works well with anxious patients to overcome their dental fears. Many patients try sedation at first, but then after building a relationship of trust with Dr. Brescia, they are able to move towards lighter doses of the sedative and eventually do well in dental appointments without any sedation at all. She finds it very rewarding to empower patients to accomplish sometimes life changing treatments that they have avoided for many years. Afterwards, patients tell us they are so proud of themselves and so happy with their new, healthy, attractive smile that it has changed their life.

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