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What to do when life deals unwanted surprises.

Emergency Dentist in Bridgeland, Calgary

Because we know life doesn't always happen during business hours, Dr. Brescia is always available to her patients by cell phone. It is useful to know what to do in certain situations though.

Knocked out tooth

Baby teeth should never be re-inserted in the mouth. Apply a cold compress to the area and have your child bite with firm pressure until the bleeding stops. Over the counter pain medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be used. Schedule an appointment to have an x-ray taken of the area to assess if there is a fracture in the bone, or to confirm that there are no pieces of tooth left. If the tooth is an adult tooth, it may be possible to re-insert the tooth and healing can occur in some situations. First, gently rinse off the tooth with water but do not scrub it. Place the tooth in a cup of cold milk or place it under your tongue. Call our office for an emergency appointment.

Cracked or Broken tooth

Call our office for an emergency appointment. An exam with an x-ray is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment options. Pain medications can be prescribed until you have a chance to see Dr. Brescia.

Suspected Broken Jaw

Call our office for an emergency appointment so we can take an x-ray. Alternatively, go to the nearest hospital emergency room. An ice pack and over the counter pain medications can be taken.


Brush and floss the area in case something is simply lodged in the gums. Rinsing with a mouthwash may also help. Call our office for an emergency appointment so we can assess what treatment is necessary. Dr. Brescia can also discuss prescription medications such as pain medications or antibiotics that can be called into a pharmacy.

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