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Cosmetic Dentistry refers to any treatment that is elective, and geared towards an aesthetic improvement of the existing smile. Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as teeth whitening or a combination of whitening, crowns, veneers, orthodontic tooth straightening and implants. Smile Makeovers are a procedure where many teeth in the mouth are corrected using one type of cosmetic procedure or a combination of available treatments.



BOTOX® can nicely complement a smile makeover. It can be the final touch, like surrounding a work of art with a beautiful frame. You can compliment your beautiful smile with a more youthful, relaxed, smoother, wrinkle free appearance. Dr. Brescia is proud to offer BOTOX® treatments to give patients the option of making subtle cosmetic changes, alongside great dental habits, to improve their confidence.



Our patients’ overall dental health is the most important thing to us. Dr. Brescia has a firm belief in preventative dentistry and that the best dentistry results in the need for no dental treatment at all. We can set you on the right path; with the right habits for a lifetime of great dental care. However, cavities and other issues are sometimes a fact of life and in those situations we are here to help you.



Dr. Bresica’s comfort with recommending Invisalign treatments is truly genuine as she carried out the treatment on herself. She loved both the results and the non-intrusiveness; allowing a patient to continue their dental health routine, eat what they want, and avoid the unfortunate aesthetics associated with metal braces.



At Alpine Dental, we recognize that your child's first dental visit is exciting. We think it is exciting too and want to celebrate the occasion with you. We will make the experience as fun as possible and still achieve all the necessary goals for a dental visit.



Life sometimes happens outside of 9-5, and for that reason Dr. Brescia ensures that her patients are never left high and dry when accidents happen. This page gives you some insight in to what to do when emergencies occur that can minimize permanent damage and quickly put the smile back on your face.



At Alpine we’re not happy just providing great dental services to our patients; we want to provide them with the best. That’s why we employ a number of technologies to ensure that when our patients leave the clinic, they can do so with peace of mind, knowing they have received the most thorough dental checks and treatments we can offer.


Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST )

The Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST), also known as Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™, is a minimally invasive option for treating gum recession. Unlike traditional grafting techniques, PST is incision and suture free.



We’re under no illusion when it comes to some patients’ fears about dentistry, but we don’t believe that should exclude them from receiving the very best care. We are happy to take the time to assess your individual needs whether that means allaying fears by talking through procedures - or even considering sedatives. We can find the right solution to get you the care you need.


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